These lists are not exhaustive. They do not contain sites that hasn’t been regularly updated. If you have any sites to recommend, feel free to contact me so I may add your suggestions to the lists.

Notable Swiftlet Farming Blogs

Swiftlet Farming: Million Dollars A Year Income Potential (By Pak Harry)

This website is constantly updated by the swiftlet enthusiast cum blogger Pak Harry. He helped renovate my first birdhouse in Rompin, Pahang. He also runs a store and forum on

Swiftlet Farmer (By Mr James)

This is website provides tips about swiftlet farming. Mr James himself is also a swiftlet farming expert and blogger.

Malaysia Department of  Veterinary Service, DVS (Official site)

This website has information about swiftlet farming and policies regarding the industry within Malaysia. If you own a birdhouse in Malaysia, the policies will be applicable to you. That said, there are many other informational tips you can gather from DVS about swiftlet farming for free. It is not easy to find them via their main page, so I have provided a link above to Google Search. Any related articles within DVS about swiftlet will be listed in this search.

Edible-nest Swiftlet (EBN) Ranching And Its Related Industry

This site’s domain name,, is spelled without a ‘t’ in the word swiftlet. It is not easy to find on Google Search, but the site has lots of information on the latest news about the swiftlet industry. You will be spoiled by the abundance of images in their posts. The site is updated regularly.

High Technology Swiftlet Farming 引燕/养燕/燕窝 (By MDK Swiftlet Sdn.Bhd.)

中文网站. This website hasn’t been updated in a while since 2014. Ever since, there are only a few entries. Rightfully, it won’t make it to my list as it doesn’t meet my requirements (i.e. not updated regularly) However, this site offers quite a number of useful tips and advice. So I have decided to include it for the benefit of readers. Most entries are in Chinese though.  They also run this site.

Notable Swiftlet Farming Gurus (Who Offers Courses)

Swiftlet Farming (By Dr Christopher Lim)

Expert, author and coach for swiftlet farming. Unfortunately, his website does not offer much free advice; it serves Dr Lim’s commercial interests. He is well-known in the industry, and trusted by many. If you like to learn from him, attend one of his conferences. Details are available on his site.

Swiftlet Farming Seminar (By Pak Harry)

Pak Harry also offers swiftlet farming courses, subject to availability. Check out his website to find out his next course. Otherwise, contact him on Whatsapp/SMS to find out from the man himself. His number is +60177551318 (as advertised on his site :).

Notable Swiftlet Farming Books

Swiftlet Farming Sound Downloads


Sound Frequency For Swifltets

The sound frequencies of your external and internal sounds need to be between 1 kHz to 16 kHz, with most energy focused on 2 kHz to 5 kHz.

Hence, you must ensure that that speakers you buy can produce the required frequencies. Your amplifiers must be tuned correctly. The sound files also need to be playing within these frequencies.

Below are some notable findings shared by researchers and swiftlet experts.

To test the frequency range of your sound from your tweeters, download this app “Audio Frequency Counter” from Google Play Store onto an Android Smart Phone.

And to test whether your smart phone is measuring the frequency correctly with the above app, go to Switch on the speakers on your computer/laptop, enter a frequency of your choice on the website, and then play the sound. Place your phone’s microphone near your speaker to get an accurate reading.

I tested the app with a Samsung Galaxy S6. The readings were very accurate.


Tips and Tricks